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About Texas Tire Supplies


Since 2004 Texas Tire Supplies has been a leading distributor in Houston and surrounding area. We sell tire repair supplies and service equipment for tire shops, dealers, stores, and personal use. We recently opened this website to further our commitment to serve you better. Right now we are supplying over 100 tire shop around the Houston area, and it keeps increasing. We can fully equip your tire shop with all your supply needs. The major difference between us and others is our level of commitment to make your purchase a positive experience. We feel obligated to do everything we can to help our customers in every way possible.


Our company was founded on the principles of hard work, honesty, fairness and integrity. When you join our family, we supply you with a powerful set of tools to help bring your business to the front of the pack. Since 2004 Texas Tire Supplies has shown customers efficient and timely customer service.

Texas Tire Supplies Inc.
6118 Evergreen St.
Houston, TX 77081
(832) 647-9672
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