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Ingersoll Rand IR-231HA-2 Impact Wrench 1/2" Drive

  • $ 179.00

Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrench 1/2" Drive - IR-231HA-2

Extended Anvil
•Allows access to deep or recessed fasteners

Air Tool MVP
•The 231HA-2 set the standard for impact performance for 30+ years

Pressure-Fed Lubrication
•Ensures critical parts are lubricated for extended life

Handle Exhaust
•Directs tool exhaust away from the user

Adjustable Power Regulator
•Prevents over-torquing

Tool Specs:
•Drive size: 1/2" square
•Max torque: 590 ft/lb - Working torque 25-300 ft/lb
•Free spin: 8,000 RPM
•Length: 9.1" - Air hose: 3/8" diameter


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  • 1-year standard warranty coverage on defects in material or workmanship from date of purchase (or verified date of installation).
  • One-Year Warranty Policy

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