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TSI Cheetah 5-Gallon Tire Air Bead Seater - Air Tools - Texas Tire Supplies

TSI Cheetah 5-Gallon Tire Air Bead Seater

  • $ 225.00

5-Gallon Tire Bead Seater For Commercial Use

Ordinary air supply lines for inflating tires do not deliver air quickly enough to expand a large or inflexible tire sufficiently to seal the tire bead onto the wheel rim. The BEAD SEATER includes a tank of compressed air with is delivered by a quick-acting Air Release Valve and a large diameter barrel into the tire. Because a large volume of air is deliver very quickly, the tire bead is lifted onto the rim, creating an air tight seal and so allowing the tire to be inflated.

  • Max working Pressure of 165 PSI
  • Seats beads from 8" to 24-1/2"
  • Universal valve fitting 
  • Air gauge to monitor volume 
  • Single motion quick discharge valve 
  • Portable

10-Gallon Tire Bead Seater also available ** Call for details.